Thunderbird and addons

09 Oct 2012 11:31 Tags: email

Thunderbird is the best email client on Windows and Linux (I have no Mac). With so many addons, it can be changed to anyway you like.

Download Thunderbird from its website website


  • easy to start: it has an email account setup wizard when you add new accounts, which means you do not have to add the server information manually. It is all done in a while.
  • Address book: store all your contacts in one place, and by the help of Zindus, it can be synced with Gmail contacts as well.
  • Calendar: using Lightning addon, thunderbird can have a calendar and what is more, with provider for google calendar, it can be synced with Google Calendar as well.
  • Manage multi accounts in one place: for those who have multi email accounts, you do not have to log in several times to check for new emails. And emails can be moved from one account to another in thunderbird— great for emails that have limited storage and have to be cleaned time to time.

Of course, if you have only one email and that is Gmail or, stay online then, it is better.

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